Biojack grapples are versatile, because they are modular, and can be modified to match your needs.

We have a large selection of accessories available for our harvesting grapples and energy wood grapples. Additional delimbing grapples (EG kit) and accumulation grapples (E kit) can be factory-fitted or just as well be retrofitted when your needs change. With the boom a tilting grapple may be installed even on an excavator. Learn about our wide selection below!


Wireless control

The wireless control is a standard feature of the E-kit suited for forwarders as well as on the forwarder version of the Biojack 400S grapple. As an option it is available for the E-kit suited for excavators and for the excavator version of the Biojack 400S grapple.



The EG-kit, i.e. the top grapples make it possible to hold even a larger trunk vertical, and to lower it safely onto the ground, e.g. in close proximity to buildings or power lines. The EG-kit can also be retrofitted


S Series couplings for excavators

The standard couplings used in our models are the quick couplings S40, S45, S50, and S60. Also available with other couplings on the market. Ask our dealer about available models and for a quote.


NTP10 excavator coupling

NTP10 (B20) couplings are available for our grapples.