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Exhibitions 2019


We will attend to different trade shows in Europe this year. You're welcome to meet us there and see our Biojack grapples!
More exhibitions will be added to the list. Keep in touch!

SkogsElmia (6-8 June), stand 455, Nearby Jönköping, Sweden. See 


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Our new website serves you more comprehensively than ever


You now have a wider and easier access to the information about our products. The new functionality of our website makes selecting grapples to match your base machine simple, which facilitates purchasing the new grapple. We have added news and other interesting topics. In these sections you can look for hints about events and trade shows, or learn about our different campaigns!

Our new website is also a more efficient tool for our dealers; for instance, this is where you can find materials to promote new Biojack products.

Should you find any faults or errors you are welcome to send us feedback to


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We value the opinion of our dealers and Biojack users.


We value the opinion of our dealers and Biojack users.

All Biojack products are being continuously developed, and invariably in cooperation with their users.
“We are always open to feedback. This is the only way to make sure that our product development is on the correct path”, says Janne Asikainen, CEO of Biojack.

Biojack User

We are looking forward to your feedback on the functioning of the grapple. Please let us know if you have any suggestions about how to make the product better. We are also interested to learn how did the transaction go from your standpoint. Was the grapple delivered to you as promised? Did you receive from your dealer guidance and support for commissioning the unit?

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Good vibes and a view to the market at KoneAgria trade show


KoneAgria, the three-day specialist trade show for agricultural machinery and equipment ended in Tampere on Saturday with a good feeling. Based on preliminary data, the trade show was visited by over 15 000 agricultural professionals.

“This year the scope of KoneAgria was very wide. It was a pleasure that almost every operator in the industry attended the show. There were also some first-time attendees. This gave visitors an excellent opportunity to compare the offering”, says Marko Toivakka, Head of exhibition. “Judging by the feedback received from the exhibitors the visitors were satisfied, leaving quote requests and concluding deals”, Toivakka continues.