The new harvester head Biojack 330H for the first thinning.



Biojack’s second generation of harvester head meant for small wood harvesting, the first thinning, and energy wood production. Tested and improved by professionals.

This model is fitted with 4 delimbing blades (1 fix, 3 mobile), 2 wide feed rollers and powerful feed motors, as well as the reliable saw unit SuperCut 100. The control system is included as standard. All in, for only 400 kg. 


The feed motors are mounted with the MenSe V-Tec rollers, efficient and long lasting rollers for professional work. Different roller types can also be installed. 


The SuperCut 100 is a 10 cc saw motor, easy at use, including the automatic chain tensioner, as standard. The chain lubrication is automatic and assured by proper chain oil, stored in the oil tank on the tilt frame. 


The 4 delimbing blades assure a neat and clean result, from Ø 5 cm to 33 cm logs. 


Completely new frame, studied for its lightweight, balance and robustness, for a smooth tilting and durability. All the inner components are reachable for an easier maintenance, and the hose coupling is on the bottom rear, out of the work space either in felling position or tilted position. The whole head is compact and well protected. 


The LOGGER® is always delivered with the Biojack 330H. This includes the display controller and its modules, the length measure, the commands in cabin (4 wood species pre-selections, 2 length pre-selections per species, all head movements). 


This head has the standard flange Ø 173 mm for the rotator, and any adapter for any rotator can be mounted. The head must swing freely. It’s suitable for most cranes on tractors, forwarders, light harvesters, as well as on excavators 8-12 t. For excavators, Biojack may also supply the extension boom for longer reach. 


  • Sturdy and durable structure and components
  • Lightweight, 400 kg
  • 4 delimbing blades: 1 fix blade, 2 upper mobile blades, 1 lower mobile blade
  • Optimal cut diameter range Ø 5-25 cm
  • Clean delimbing until Ø 33 cm
  • Automatic chain tensioner, standard
  • Automatic chain lubrication, standard
  • V-Tec rollers, standard
  • Other roller type, option 
  • TMF-315HD feed motors, standard
  • TMF-400HD feed motors, option
  • Feed speed 5 m/sec
  • Control system included
  • LOGGER® Length measure, standard
  • LOGGER® Volume and Diameter data control, option



Technical data

400 kg
Max cut diameter
Ø 400 mm
Optimal tree diameter
Ø 50-250 mm
Clean delimbing diameter
Ø 50-330 mm
Grapple opening
450 mm
Height in felling position
980 mm
Height in delimbing position
980 mm
Feed speed max
5 m/sec
Feed rollers
MenSe V-Tec Ø 308 mm / width 163 mm
Feed roller motors
TMF-315HD (315 cc)
Saw unit
SuperCut 100 (10 cc)
Saw bar
Saw chain
Oil flow
80-150 L/min
Operating pressure min-max
190-220 bar
Back pressure max
20-30 bar
Pressure line
min. 3/4"
Return line
min. 3/4"
Leakage line
min. 3/8" (max.3 bar)
Electric connection
CAN bus, 15 m
Control system
LOGGER® (included)

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