Biojack Oy

We are a small, spirited, and fair-minded family owned company from Southwest Finland

Our grapples are manufactured by Nummek Oy operating in the same premises. Biojack Oy and Nummek Oy cooperate closely in developing and production of grapples. Our cooperation has been yielding user-friendly and reliable products for harvesting energy wood since 2008, when our first device – Biojack 150 – was launched.  We continue developing our products, and therefore the original Biojack 150 grapple has now been replaced by the new generation energy wood grapple – Biojack 160.

Striving to make work easier

Our product range is extensive, since we wish to serve our customers in the widest possible way – from professional contracting to performing minor jobs. The purpose of the energy grapples we produce is to make users’ work easier. We wish to ensure that our grapples are always multifunctional, easy to use and reliable. We cooperate with Biojack users on an ongoing basis to make our products even better. Only the best is good enough for us.

We have gone international!

You can find Biojack dealers from almost every country in Europe. Biojack products have been sold to about twenty countries, and in Finland there are almost thirty dealerships operating across the country. We offer our dealers training and support for selling and marketing our products.

Add efficiency to your future

In future efficiency is becoming ever more important, and challenges faced by any business are growing. While having to be more efficient, the end result of the work must also be better.  One can respond to such growing expectations in ways other than by making working days longer or by working more. Biojack’s multifunctional grapples make work easier and swifter, while improving safety and quality of work, which means that grapple users can reach their goals faster and better. Biojack will help you to achieve better results.

Nummek Oy

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