Extension Boom X2

Hydraulic extension 2 m

More reach, less machine movements ᐅ higher production.


A lightweight solution to couple a hanging felling head onto an excavator, in forestry application. 

This extension boom can be fitted with all the necessary hosing for the rotator and the felling head. It’s suitable for the Biojack tree shears with tilt units (crane models) as well as for the small harvesting head Biojack 300 Harvester and 330 Harvester. 

The extension from the quick coupling to the tip is 2 m range, which is decisive when operating an excavator for forest harvesting. The foot can be used for helping the machine’s movements in challenging terrains. The extension boom includes the rubber protection to prevent any damage on the head. 

Some parts can be customized, such as the crane tip, the quick coupling plate and the hose holders. 

Technical data

240 kg
Length extended
4000 mm
Length retracted
2200 mm
Extra reach
200-2000 mm
Coupling plate
600x350 mm standard
Boom tip
65 mm (or else), Fork type
Hydraulic connections
2 hoses 3/8"

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