Saw grapple

⌀ 65 cm



The biggest saw grapple from Biojack, for forest harvesting, urban felling and wood handling. 

In municipal applications the grapple can be used, for instance, for removing trees around power lines and buildings. The trunk is cut with a chainsaw. During the loading cycle the saw remains in the frame and is activated by pressing a power button; this means that the grapple can be used flexibly for cutting and loading.

This grapple includes the saw unit Hultdins F11/19, with automatic saw chain tensioner and a dedicated oil tank for the chain. 

The hydraulic components are well protected into the rear casing, while being easily reachable. 

The Biojack 650S can be mounted on a telehandler or on an excavator, with different coupling solutions. The TD rotator is available with its swivel joint for limitless rotation. 

The EG-kit, the upper secondary grapple, is an option for forest felling, granting a decisive supplementary strength for holding, moving trees vertically and felling heavy loads. 

  • For forest harvesting, energy wood, urban felling, old tree removal, tree surgery, park maintenance, windthrows removal. 
  • Excellent loading properties
  • 1 pressure hose, 1 return hose, 1 leakage oil line, 1 electric wire or wireless control for the saw 
  • Flexible work cycle
  • Saw unit Hultdins F11/19
  • Automatic saw chain tensioner 
  • Lub oil tank for the saw chain 
  • The saw unit angle is adjustable
  • In option, EG-kit, upper secondary grapple (moving tree vertically enabled)
  • In option, flat box, TD rotator (IMO) with its swivel joint for limitless rotation 
  • Available with the following excavator couplings: S40, S45, S50, S60 and NTP10
  • Base machines: excavators (over 18 t), telehandlers.

Technical data

Weight Biojack 650S (without add-on)
870 kg
Weight Biojack 650S TD & coupling box
1400 kg
Weight Biojack 650SEG (without add-on)
1040 kg
Weight Biojack 650SEG TD & coupling box
1680 kg
Cutting diameter max.
650 mm
Grapple opening min. - max.
45-1500 mm
Height in the felling position Biojack 650S
800 mm
Height in the felling position Biojack 650SEG
1800 mm
Oil flow min. - max.
140-220 L/min
Operating pressure range (total pressure — back pressure)
250-310 bar
Back pressure max.
20-30 bar
Pressure and return lines min.
Leakage oil line min.

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S Series coupling

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