Product development and production with many years of experience

Nummek operates both internationally and locally. We are a mechanical workshop, and a second-generation family business trading and cooperating internationally. Our high-quality products are made on sophisticated automated production lines, which are specialised on flexible small series production. Nummek has many years of experience in challenging product development, production, and customer relationships, both internationally and on domestic markets. Our special strengths are a swift way of doing things, and sound know-how throughout the supply chain: from product development to precise deliveries and overall management of customer relationships.

Quality since 1923

Our history dates back to the year 1923, when K.W. Nummi founded a tinker’s shop in Perniö. Nummek Oy was founded in 1975. Our business started by developing a bogie axle for Mercedes-Benz heavy trucks. The Mercedes-Benz bogie axle became a great hit, and its production and deliveries to the Daimler truck factory in Germany have continued to this day.

In 2008 we launched the high-quality Biojack energy wood grapples for harvesting energy wood. Biojack Oy, a company selling and marketing Biojack products, was founded in 2010; the company is linked with Nummek, and is operating in the same premises.

In 2014 we purchased the enterprise of AV- Kone Oy, a company producing AVEKO waste compactors. AVEKO waste compactors became the Aveko Press waste handling equipment, and in 2014 their production was moved to the facilities of Nummek in Southwest Finland.

We also provide contract manufacturing services as a parts and system supplier for forestry and power tool producers. We specialise in steel-cast-steel-plate structures, sub-assemblies and manufacturing of whole products from start to end, in accordance with customers’ needs.

The operations of Nummek are based on the ISO 9001 quality system.