Biojack follows the path of Olli Hiidensalo

Our desire is to support Finnish athletes, and be involved in promoting these noble areas of sport in Finland and around the world. Olli Hiidensalo, who has earned many championship medals, is one of the true pioneers in the field. In addition to skiing and biathlon, Hiidensalo has won awards in orienteering and laser run. This young 26-year-old athlete has scooped gold medals, among others, in skiing and biathlon at the Finnish Championship level, as well as at the World Championship level in summer biathlon and mixed relay. Hiidensalo trains hard, and has his sights set on the future!

Hiidensalo’s leisure activities also involve spending a lot of time outdoors and in woods. Fishing, orienteering, and hunting provide a pleasant sense of balance for an active athlete. Moreover, the new lively four-legged member of the family has brought new impetus to Hiidensalo’s hunting hobby. The Parson Russell Terrier Maisa has already been taught her first lessons in the secrets of hunting by her master.

Biojack is involved in sponsoring and encouraging the action-packed journey of the top athlete Olli Hiidensalo.

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