Saw grapple

⌀40 cm


This felling grapple is perfect in forest thinning and energy wood harvesting, as well as for wood loading and sorting. Its compact structure allows it to be used in urban felling, for cutting branches and cutting trees in complete safety. 

The cut is assured by the chainsaw. After the cut, the saw bar is into the grapple’s chassis, allowing the wood handling. 

Two hydraulic lines are required (pressure and return). The chainsaw is activated with an electric command in cabin, which require an electric cable or wireless control for limitless rotation. 

  • for primary thinning and harvesting of energy wood, tree removal in urban areas
  • unlimited rotation
  • excellent loading properties
  • pressure and return hose, leakage oil line, electric wire or wireless control for the saw
  • flexible work cycle
  • saw chain lubrication with dedicated lub oil tank
  • 2 hydraulic lines (pressure and return), 1 electric cable or wireless control
  • base machine: forwarders, tractors, trucks

Technical data

315 kg (695 lbs)
Cutting diameter max. (Scandinavian timber species)
400 mm (16")
Grapple opening
850 mm (33")
Total height in the felling position
600 mm (24")
Oil flow (saw motor 5 cc or 10 cc)
60-70 L/min or 80-100 L/min (16-18 or 21-26 gpm)
Operating pressure range (total pressure – back pressure)
200-250 bar
Back pressure, max.
30 bar
Pressure and return lines, min.
Free return line
3/8" (leakage oil)
Wireless control
12V or 24V

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