We value the opinion of our dealers and Biojack users.

We value the opinion of our dealers and Biojack users.

All Biojack products are being continuously developed, and invariably in cooperation with their users.
“We are always open to feedback. This is the only way to make sure that our product development is on the correct path”, says Janne Asikainen, CEO of Biojack.

Biojack User

We are looking forward to your feedback on the functioning of the grapple. Please let us know if you have any suggestions about how to make the product better. We are also interested to learn how did the transaction go from your standpoint. Was the grapple delivered to you as promised? Did you receive from your dealer guidance and support for commissioning the unit?

Biojack Dealer

Please let us know what more could we offer to assist you in selling our products. Do you feel that you need more training in sales or about functionalities of the product? Do you need more marketing materials to support your sales efforts? What do you think such materials could be? Do you feel that for instance a Biojack accessory that you could be thrown in for good measure would help you to close a deal?

Please send us your feedback to info@biojack.fi, or send us a message through Facebook.